Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The City of Northpoint

Complete Map of Jelling

Home to King Artin Ivenent ruler of Northern Jelling.

The City of Northpoint is built into steep black cliffs and is always damp from the mists of the many cascading waterfalls which spring from the various cracks in the rocks and from Lake Surma above. The great coliseum is the only one in the world to have a roof over it. The city boasts a huge protected sea-cave where most shipping and harbor activities take place. The Black Diamond dwarves rent dock space there for three iron clad warships, the Emerald Goddess, the Prince Calding and the Brazen Wolf. The ships have wintered over safely here for 40-years and is part of the reason why the King's sister to the south has been unable to take Northpoint by sea.

A city in the Nation of Jelling

CG Small City; Capital city of monarchy; Kingdom of Northern Jelling

Corruption +-1; Crime +0; Economy +3; Law +2; Lore +2; Society +0; Spells 9th


Holy site (Church of Yol, Church of Bilonoc, Church of Northern Jelling)
Rumormongering Citizens
Strategic Location (Secure harbor and Northern most defenses)
Tourist attraction (Capitol city and covered gladiatorial arena)

Danger: 5


Overlord: King of Northern Jelling
Council: Harbor masters
Magical: The Bitter Dusk Magic Guild

Population 10,646 (humans, half-elves, dwarves)

Notable NPC's

  • King Artin Ivenent of Northern Jelling(CG Human Male barbarian 4/Aristocrat 16)
  • Cestus of Bilunoc (LN half-breed male cleric 17/monk2)
  • Salanda the Honest (LG Half-elf male Wizard 17)
  • Dougfred Vivofree (NE Human male cleric 10/rouge2)
  • Yattic Grimwald Mayer (N Human male aristocrat 3/expert 7)
  • Kromwold Dirthammer first mate of the Prince Calding (N Dwarf expert 4/fighter 5)

Base value 6,000
Purchase limit 37,500
Spell casting 9th
Minor items 4d4; Medium Items 3d4; Major Items 1d6 (75% 1/week)

Ready cash 7,984,500

Guards/Soldiers 106

Militia 532
The king is: King Artin Ivenent

Background: A disgraced noble
Goals: Help a child get a good start in life. This was cool because I was thinking about the king's children; he has one wife and nine mistresses, his wife bore him a female child; she is now age 22 and is named Mysa, Princess of Canton.

The mistresses of the king all have given birth to girls except for his third mistress, named Ellerine Bassat, who had a boy named Cadus Bossat; he is six as of this writing. The king thinks the world of this boy and sent him and his mother off to Glenfiddich to live free of the political conflicts of the island. Yup the king has one legal heir to his thrown and one he wishes could be heir; the only son out of 16 children. He actually has a portal to the city and an apartment there, this could be another way to get at the king via the two way portal in Glenfiddich.

More about the king
Physical: The king has different colored eyes; one green eye and one blue.
Personality: The king is a failed actor and blames everyone for it. Ar age ten the king was set on being a play actor though his temperament made him difficult to work with it was truly what he wanted to be when he grew up, and would have been, had his father not died.
The king's Priest is:
Cestus of Bilunoc who now acts as the leader of the Northern Church of Jelling.

Background: He is a reformed criminal
Goals: Get into history books He has done this by creating his own religion and by befriending the king and ousting the church of Yol from their position of leadership in the Northern Church of Jelling.
Physical: he has a shaved head as do all Bilunoc priests.
Personality: He has a stock phrase and an accompanying gesture. "As Bilunoc wills it..."
The King's old priest was:
The Yolian response to Cestus is:
Dougfred Vivofree the Yolian bishop representing Yol inthe north.

Background: Pious member of a notorious family his ancestors are said to have forced out the royal family of Jelling out of power in JY 896 and started the infamous Merchants Alliance which lasted a short four years before King Harold the Bold stepped forth, and by force, reclaimed the thrown. Vivofree Merchant Clan (VMC) is still strong in jelling, but no longer a symbol of power.
Goal: Erase past failures with a single dramatic act; this has been stymied by Cestus being placed at the head of the NCJ.
Physical: He has one of the those long curled mustaches.
Personality: Seems to lack moral compass when making plans; often proposes horrific solutions to minor problems --this is considered a good trait in Yolian leadership school; which is why he is Bishop.
The King's Wizard is:
Salanda the Honest Chief Advisor to the King

Background: Former witch hunter
Goal: Prove noble heritage
Physical: Handsome
Personality: Is a very distant noble and treats lower orders with disdain.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Adventure Starts

I drew up a map of a part of my game world that focuses on a small town by a marsh and lake. Then I drew a map of the town. I added some quick shop names and printed it out. I had a hand out at the games showing the area around the town and the town map. I also drew up a couple dungeons.

In the first game, coming into Kingleaf in the first game was uneventful and the party nearly died exploring ruins under the town, because they had no magic weapons and the secret room off the first room of the dungeon was not found. This was almost a TPK.

In the second game that I ran with Kingleaf as the backdrop the party found a silver dagger and a mauled wizards body just outside of town near the woods. Actually the body was a half a days walk from town. during this introductory encounter everyone was ready for a fight but none came. It was my intention to let them have a chance at success later by giving them a magic weapon while also introducing a side plot. In this game the players were on edge fearing werewolves and it unexpected result of making the group suspicious of the townsfolk, who started thinking the town was a den of werewolves. I added to the paranoia by letting the over cautious party notice that the shops in town did not seem to have a silver items for sale. I also calmed them down by passing a note from the town priest stating that the people of Kingleaf are good folk and that their are only a couple outliers and that the priest was being watched. by the end of the game they had made friends with the local fence "Steve" lost track of the town Sheriff and saved the lives of a couple locals. They also just missed a Giant attack.

The adjustment of the magic silver dagger was not necessary in this game because this party found the secret room off the first room of the dungeon. Though they have a tough time they did survive the shadows that lurked deep below the town. It did end up adding a cool subplot though.

The third game in Kingleaf left off from this one with the party looking for the priest who had gone missing and finding out the sheriff and the guy who owned the tavern named the Boiled Toe and who was also a cobbler were both werewolves. They also tracked and killed the giant Rathkip out into the marsh near town.

The fourth game in Kingleaf dealt with the troubles the local farmers were having with something killing their sheep. The 4th level party found the culprit to be a bullette. The combat was tough for this group of 6 players and since it was just a quick intro game I did the old "highest role hit" GM smudge, if the player looked desperate I let their role hit even though the AC of the bullette was 22 I let a couple 18s slide through. The beast nearly killed the party, but enough were still standing at the end to get everyone back on their feet again.

Basically, it took some time to draw a couple maps, and a couple dungeons, and I have been able to reuse the maps several times. The best part is, that my players don't get to read the dungeon in advance like they do in other games I run that use pre-made modules.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rathkip's Stinking Den

The giant Rathkip lives alone out in the swamp near the village of Kingleaf. He rarely leaves the swamp. Merchants heading out to Bimnok Keep said they saw the giant by the road a couple days ago. No one was bothered though it did unnerve the caravan master. It is said he lives in old ruins on a mound of high ground about two days walk out in the swamp. No one dares disturb Rathkip and few actually know where he lives or how to get to his den. A cobbler at the Boiled Toe in Kingleaf has been out to the den and saw the giant a few years back. He's fallen on hard times and may guide a group out into the swamp for some extra cash.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Village of Kingleaf

The Village of Kingleaf is where my first game of the year in Alidor takes place. It is a sleepy little settlement on the southern shore of Lake Surma. The lake is actually a good distance away from town. The original settlers built a canal leading out to the lake through the low marshland. Elves say the town was once surrounded by the green forest but after the people of the Kingleaf built boats out of the trees and then used them to attack the dragon, the dragon forbade the trees to grow within 20 miles of the lake.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Central Jelling

I thought I would make a map showing central Jelling and some of the smaller towns like Bimnok Keep, Kingleaf, Goldensong, Quicktide, Maplebow, Portshire. Bimnok Keep is a gnomish settlement, Goldensong is elven, Quicktide is mixed but mostly human, Maple bow is 50/50 human/elven village. Portshire is mix but mostly human.

I hope to have Kingleaf town map done at the end of the week.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Adventure begins

My first Pathfinder adventure will take place in Kingleaf on the island of Jelling.

This is a map of Jelling the red square is the location of Kingleaf. I chose Kingleaf because I have not flushed out the village yet. It is only referenced in a map of Brendon Mill I drew for a game last year. The players in that group stopped half way through the Green Forest before turning back. Because they turned back I never drew a map of Kingleaf. My new Pathfinder RPG group will start their adventuring careers in Kingleaf and we will follow them here in this blog.

Here is a map of Brendon Mill with reference to Kingleaf shown.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

This blog is a journal for my home game

I just set up this blogger account to help follow the adventures in the World of Alidor. I will add notes and drawings here as my players wander and I build up new areas of my fantasy world setting.

My rants about gaming can be found at http://worldofalidor.com/4th-ed/ I also have a gallery of art at http://worldofalidor.com/. This blogger site is just a place for me to post info from my game that my players hopefully will not find. I tend to create my own fantasy adventures so I will place summaries of what I am doing here. If you wander across this and like it let me know.